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UC! Web asset tracking and data management software is A2B Tracking Solution’s enterprise-class IUID compliance and asset tracking solution for identifying, marking and tracking critical assets in highly regulated environments.

UC! Web enterprise software helps you establish control over the lifecycle of your serialized assets, and non-serialized inventory items across all locations. Create linear and 2D Data Matrix barcodes and RFID labels, and track serialized items with automated data capture for accurate data from the very start. Print, mark, track, ship and update the status of any item throughout its lifecycle. Manage and report items maintained internally, and transfer critical item lifecycle data to external registries and databases. UC! Web facilitates compliance in highly regulated environments by enforcing mandated business rules. Configure UC! Web to integrate compliance and tracking seamlessly into your specific business workflow. UC! Web supports the critical record keeping and marking practices required by the U.S. military.

A2B Tracking Solutions helps businesses, government agencies, the military and other organizations gain total control of their inventories and supply chains using our proprietary, cloud-based asset tracking and data management software with support for advanced barcode and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.